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by Hugo Shackleton, Odin Olesen

Berlin, Germany


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Travels small, travels flat. Unfolds easy, self-supports freely. Collects trash. Is trash, reused.

A portable self-supporting dustbin designed for disassembly, built from textile and timber off-cuts, leftover from the manufacturing process of apparel and street furniture.

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The bin combines ease of deployment with the characteristics of the chosen material to produce a striking form. Placed anywhere within the public sphere of a city, its primary utility is to collect rubbish from passing pedestrians. In broader terms, it acts as an interface between private and public actors. 

By then documenting the collected waste material the bin serves as a rudimentary, user-driven data bank. Recording both objective and behavioural dimensions of the interaction. The bin is intended as a keyhole into ritualistic Material Culture in a given area.  

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