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by Emma Skelander, Hugo Shackleton

Hvalsø, Denmark
Built 2021, still in use


"Milkhouse" is the disassembled, rebuilt

and improved version of Emmabo. It was 



moved in 2021 to Hyllegaard Höje, Hvalsø, where it is still standing, serving as a guest house. 

The project is investigating the potential of using Tetra Pak as a building component and attempts to understand the potentials of using discarded materials within the 

construction industry. All materials were recovered, reused or recycled and the milk cartons were recovered and collected from various places in Sthlm.  

elevation drawing

elevation drawing


The house is 3,7 square meters. It fits a bed, with storage underneath, a desk by the window and two chairs. 

plan drawing

long section

short section

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