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by Vildana Duzel,

Original drawings/ La Nube Arquitectos. 

Copenhagen, Denmark


menue front.jpg

Menue is a cultural playground that is conceived to have been an inclusive space to host all manner of culture from dance, drag, poetry, discussions and more. Built by a team of people from a range of backgrounds it enabled a free, open space for expression and cultural freedom.

Successfully realized with calculations and simulations from Structured Environment Aps, head engineer Tomonori Maki, Dilan Casablanca.

Core team: Malthe Behr Svendsen, Berglind Sunna Stefánsdóttir, Tara Dögg Ágústsdóttir, Megan Horan, Søren Arildsen, Zilia Colding Rolkjær, Hermann Adam Mogensen, Mads Soegaard, and many more.. 


Cloud 9 Illustration white and orange EE-03.png
Cloud 9 Illustration white and orange EE-02.png
1 - Edited (front cover CV).jpg

Friends have been dancing, DJ's have had their blast at our venue; menue. With support at the bar, long summer nights the team behind Menue pushed forward a unique gathering point on Refshaleøen.

A newly found energy; behind the bar, in the tent and before the blow up. With the sole purpose to reimagine the lost summer of 2020. 

(19)01.101-Afstandsforhold 1-5000-01.png


Blank Canvas 

Utterly Inclusive

Music, Art, Events, DJs


The temporary installation was set up in July 2021 and lasted over the summer. The inflatable structure, Cloud9, was originally designed and planned by the Spanish architects La Nube.

Cloud9 had its first display in Denmark in 2016, in Kødbyen, as a pop-up event space for space10. During the summer of 2021, Menue hosted a variety of events, art exhibitions, concerts, pop-ups and DJ nights.. 

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