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by Hugo Shackleton

Copenhagen, DK


B-19 Presentation Drawings-04.jpg

The Bloom Box is a cost-effective mobile planter intended to add leaf to the street.

Produced in collaboration with Emma Skelander, Troels Barkholt-Spangsbo, Jens-Kristian V. Rasmussen, Mads Bossen Hansen, Ben Tulloh, Annika Wohlert, Emily Hadley, Kitty McCargo Walklate, James Armour and Yat-Tsai Richie Wan.

With support from Arbejdsfaelleskabet Tranen, Uffe Bech, Arthur Shackleton, Maia Kahlke Lorentzen, Andreas Hammershoj, Edward Shackleton, Kobenhavns Cykelkooperativ, Viktor Olesen, Norrebros Indramning and Ahaa.

The design is basic and takes its distinctive shape from the inclusion of side slots.


These broaden its growing capacity and encourage the eventual blanketing of the structure.

They are built out of waste-pallets collected from neighbouring shops, and produced by a jumble of colleagues and friends over the course of two days,


B-19 Presentation Drawings-02.jpg
B-19 Presentation Drawings-01.jpg
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B-19 Presentation Drawings-08.jpg
B-19 Presentation Drawings-11.jpg
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