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by Emma Skelander, Hugo Shackleton

Björnriket, Sweden

currently being built


Building permit drawings for an extension of a holiday home in Björnriket Sweden. 

The existing holiday home was prior to remodeling half the size of this suggestion. The client wanted to expand the plan in order to host more guests as well as to open up and amplify the social areas.

The plan is clearly defined with the bedrooms in the back (north/east), wet-rooms and entrance in the middle, and social areas and kitchen in front (south/west). Shown on this page is  a few of the drawings that were submitted for building permit and later approved.  

Planrithing alstigen 4 mindre vitt.jpg
Planritning Alstigen 4_Sida_2.jpg
Langa elevationer mindre vitt.jpg
fasader korta mindre vitt.jpg

west elevation

east elevation

north elevation

south elevation

situationsplan mindre vitt.jpg

situation plan

Sectioned alstigen 4 mindre vitt.jpg

collection of sections

Sectioned alstigen 4 mindre vitt.jpg
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