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In a quickly shifting landscape, design must be resourceful, collaborative and manifold.

fondu is a cooperative design practice uniting creative professionals from across disciplines. We work both independently and collaboratively, and seek to provide value through a comprehensive approach to sustainability in architecture and design.

As a team we compound our knowledge, networks and energy to ensure a resilient design output.

Our beginnings lie in the exploration of emerging sustainability within the architectural field. This is the basis of our wider emphasis on systems thinking, participatory design and cultural heritage.

We believe that we must nurture, restore and transform the existing. That we must re-imagine, reuse and share more.

Our practice encompasses the drafting of built and speculative architectural work, performance and environmental action.

As a collective we are resolute in our ethos, yet, in ever changing times, fondu’s practice is decidedly fluid.


concept, schematic and detail design of private residential, retail and pop-up projects.
survey drawing
design drawing
design visualization

design consultancy
planning application
project management



interior, exterior

graphic design

brand identity
promotional material
product design
web design


environmental awareness fundraising
project coordination


collaborative design

multi-disciplinary input
participatory process (client, user)

resourceful solutions

material re-use
local trade
research/ innovation

effective communication

technical drawings
visual storytelling

modelling (physical/ digital)


comprehensive strategies

multi-scalar sustainability
social/ environmental

enriched design process

expanded network
compounded knowledge

resilient project output

wider appeal
design depth

Blågårdsgade 19

Copenhagen N, 2200

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